All-in-one platform for devices,
voice intelligence and digital avatars

With Conhive, you can launch your smart device or digital assistant project today - before anyone else.

Digital Assistants

Create a digital assistant for your device, or integrate with your existing software. Define voice commands, behavior and appearance. Increase sales and drive customer success.

Automation Intelligence

Define rules and automated workloads for your edge devices and cloud endpoints. Make use of the machine learning toolkit to learn from your data and generate predictions.

Device Management

Connect your existing Linux devices to the platform. Manage your smart devices and their metrics. Deploy and monitor your apps, commands and services remotely.

From prototyping to production

Kickstart your ideas with Conhive. Whether you want to launch a smart device product, an IoT solution, a voice assistant or avatar for your digital presence, Conhive is the right tool for you.

300+ Linux devices, operating systems and browsers supported. Make sure your products runs anywhere!

45+ AI tools, automation nodes and templates to define your custom metric dashboards and optimize your digital assistants.

Our event-driven cluster is highly scalable and provides 99%+ service uptime for any type of workloads.

Define voice assistants

Define and adapt your voice assistants to your needs. Give it a name and make it available for your clients.

Safety and privacy

Conhive is built to protect your data and your clients data. You decide how your data is being handled. No exceptions.


Get to know your data and metrics in-depth. Define custom data dashboards and react immediately to events using commands and automations.

Customer success

Simplify your product usage using custom recommendations, analytics and voice features.


Easily integrate Conhive within your product landscape using the automation toolbox.


Conhive accompanies your product development processes, from prototyping to continuous optimization in production.

Core Features of Conhive

Three pillars of device intelligence

Deploy anywhere

Run your assistant on your devices, inside your apps or on the web.

Modern 3D avatars

Build your branding and attract your customers from your apps to your stores.

Voice Assistants

The Conhive platform allows you to extend your devices and applications with voice commands, product recommendations, 3D avatars and more. Purely voice-based assistants and virtual assistants are the future of voice technology.

Use cases range from healthcare appliances, to retail stores, self-service kiosks, smart-home devices, industrial assistants and more.

Automation Intelligence

Define data processing routines. Join the community of AI developers and share your flows.

Use cases are voice behavior modelling, machine learning training process automation, device metrics handling, alert handling, and more.

Extremely fast

Executed in a non-interpreted environment, the flow runner is blazingly fast, on-device and in the cloud.

Integration made easy

Define your own nodes, connect your existing data sources and call third-party services.

Linux agent

A low-footprint background service handles the communication. Extend the agent with your own plugins and data.

Metric dashboards

Using highly-available timeseries databases, you can store and visualize your metrics in customizable dashboards.

Device Platform

Connect any Linux device to configure and monitor it. Install any command and application. Log into the terminal of the device remotely.

Use cases range from device fleet monitoring, environment analysis, detection systems, smart city monitoring, logistics and more.

Change the way you use IoT.

Get started with Conhive with a few simple steps.



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