Make your device

The Conhive platform allows you manage, monitor and control your devices.

Device management and control made easy

Manage all your devices within an intuitive platform. Organize your devices by project, add important descriptions and technical data. The dashboard accompanies you from planning and integrating to control and maintenance.

  • Connect devices
  • Batch registration
  • Device overview
  • Groups and Labels
  • Real-time status
  • Remote configuration
  • Custom applications and commands
  • Web shell
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    The simple way to diagnose your devices

    With integrated real-time IoT data visualization, you gain critical insights into your data, resources and processes.

    Customizable visualization and diagnostics

    Overview the health and resource utilization of your devices, helping you avoid downtime. Enable real-time geolocation tracking for your drones, shared bicycles and e-scooters.

    Manage any device from anywhere

    Connect to your remote devices using one browser-based dashboard.

    Control your entire device fleet with minimal effort.

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