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The Conhive platform allows you to extend your devices and applications with voice commands, product recommendations, 3D avatars and more.

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Digital Assistants

Connect to your clients using
Conhive assistants

Digital assistants help optimize interpersonal business processes, increase usability of devices, improve customer service and increase your sales using product recommendations, upsells and up-to-date information.

Define voice commands

Define voice commands, actions and automations for your product workflows.


Give your assistants a name, so it will only listen when asked.


Give your assistant a 3D avatar to prevent inhibitions and to make them more engaging.

Increase customer success

Simplify your product usage using voice features


Integrate your assistants within your business processes using automation tools.

Recommend and upsell

Make use of multi-domain branding and product recommendations to drive customer retention.

AI and Voice Tech Toolbox

Intelligent toolbox to create your flows, automations, integrations and voice assistants.

Define data processing routines.
Train your own wakeword detection and smart voice models.
Join the big community of AI developers and share your flows.

  • Create a flow

    To get started, make use of our predefined nodes or look at public community workflows.

  • Define your virtual 3D assistant

    Define the scene, character, positioning and actions of your virtual assistant.

  • Deploy the avatar on your website or application

    Create smart waitresses for your restaurant, interactive animations for your self-service display or just give your assistant a virtual face.

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Conhive assistants works with your product landscape

Bring your devices, use your existing APIs and databases. Using our automation tools, you can make Conhive work in any environment.


Use any Linux powered device to connect. From sensors and microcontrollers to machines and device networks.


Using our own compiled flow base engine or using a node-RED instance, you have the full freedom to define any data processing and automation workflows for your devices and for your cloud endpoints.

Integration Libraries

We provide open-source libraries and an API to integrate Conhive into your existing applications and programs.

Deploy to your devices.

Using Conhive Core, device management already comes built-in.

  • Installable Linux agent

    Conhive handles communication to the cloud, to your services and third-party services.

  • Device management from A to Z

    Observable data from your devices is available in your dashboard. You can also manage your devices from the web.

  • Easy to use

    We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.

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