About us

IoT & AI in experts' hands

We, the Conhive team, develop, design and produce solutions for professional applications in IoT and voice technology.
Our main focus lies at giving our customers a technological edge so they can shape the future of tomorrow.


top talent engineers in Aachen.


years of cumulative experience


100% customer satisfaction.

Our story

We design and implement creative solutions
to challenging problems

We are a team of creative engineers who help bridge the digital gap between companies and their devices ad customers with a unique cloud platform that not only serve as a device management platform but also provides solutions to connect existing software and hardware into the IoT world.
Furthermore, we enable businesses to build their own digital assistant including custom wake words and 3D avatars.
Formerly coming from divVoice GmbH, we bring the knowledge of low-level speech assistance design with us.

Our team

Trust the professionals

Alexander Schwarz

CEO @ Conhive

Alexander graduated with honors with a master's degree in electrical engineering. He then used his strong enthusiasm for technology and intuitive ingenuity to found divVoice and drive innovative projects forward. Since founding the startup, he and his team have dedicated themselves to the development of intuitive and secure voice assistance systems, which enjoy a steadily growing demand.
Naomi Schwarz

COO @ Conhive

Naomi is a founding member and has been involved in software development and contributes creative ideas for the product design of voice assistance systems. She is also responsible for organizing, online marketing and managing internal processes. On Site she represents divVoice at trade fairs and events.


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